Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's Time

It's getting to be serious training time, Jan 1st is always the start of my favorite season, I just love long epic rides in cool weather (less so in wind rain or snow/ice).
We hope to get some weekend rides on our tandem too, but we must be nice to everyone we're riding with and not go too hard.

Nice to see some new members to the NW Blog community ,Coach Curly in particular, with his witty yet sensible advice colums, but I do wonder what he is doing with all those recipes?

Speaking of advice, I think I might have to take the advice of the esteemed RS and abstain from blogging, so I can get down to riding my bike and not flittering away my time reading blogs ( not likely to happen, but I will try). I will only read at work!!
Oh, yeah speaking of work, I got called in at midnight last saturday to open up the store and give someone from McDonalds a motor he needed to fix a fan that had shut down, God forbid someone would have to go without their Big Mac at 3am!!!! Let me miss my sleep, but don't let Bubba miss his Big Mac, Large fries and large Coke.
If the guy ever comes back, maybe he'll give me some Mickey D's $s, well I'll be sure to pass them on to RS, as I hear when he's out of range of Dicks, he just loves his McDonalds breakfast before a race ; -)

Happy New year to you all and ride long,slow and safely.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oink Oink!!

It's Christmas time, so let's pig out... Stoked and I went out to dinner tonight and ate WAY too much. We went to Tutta Bella, so it wasn't hard to eat too much. We started with a mondo salad then both ate a whole 12" pizza, but the best part was the NUTELLA ice cream ( read it and weep .n)......yummy.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

re Cycle Me!

Ok The snow is all gone and we're back on ther road! and on the Computrainer.
Last night I did my second Cylcle-U computrainer "race" and along with gaining 2 pounds in the past two weeks, I managed to go 23 seconds slower! I finished 5th of 7 in my heat, PruDog was 6th, in his 2nd effort of three for the night!!, and Stoked was 7th both not far behind. El Gato was there and despite his claims of drinking beer daily and no riding, he almost put a minute into me.
Luckily it's still early in December, time to start training, if the weather co-operates. And now I have some motivation : -)

Oh, and we collected $750 for northwest harvest on the thanksgiving day ride, thanks to all.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Stories

I am sure everyone has a good snow story from yesterday's storm, let's hear about them.

I had taken the bus to work, and when I left Northcreek Park in Bothell it was a blizzard, I walked to get the Bus at the UW Bothell campus. The bus never came, I could probably have walked the 10 miles home, but I wouldn't have made it to work Today if I did that!
I walked back to get a hotel room, and spent the night in Bothell " for a weekend or a lifetime" isn't that their slogan?
I-405 was soooo amazing, cars for as far as you could see....and none of them moving. The Hotel/Gas Station area was surreal they never saw so many people there and probably never will again. People who abandoned efforts to drive 3 miles north after not moving for 2 1/2 hrs. Needless to say the hotel was full, and when I went to breakfast this morning there were people sleeping on the floor, under stairs and in the lounge area.

And we're supposed to get another dose on weds night thurs morning!!!

Oh yeah, my boss reimbursed my hotel room charge ; -)


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Ride Seattle

Tomorrow is the big ride for Northwest Harvest
We'll meet at Leschi at 8.45 to depart at 9 for an leisurely paced ride around the south end of lake washington. I'm suggesting a donation of $5 for this ride.

Looks the weather might be best in the morning too, so come on out and work up an appetite for that turkey feast we're lucky enough to have this day.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


Well, I did 3 hours in ugly rainy slop with KW today.
I'm going to call out The Virgin as he wimped out "I'll wait until later" he said. Suck it up and ride your bike.....

Saturday, November 18, 2006

another long break!

Wow it's been forever since I bolgged!

I first decided I'd had enough of getting dropped on the start line in cross, and comments like "you're not on the road now" and "Nice dismount" maybe I should try racing Bs, but that's against the rules, I guess.

Then I went to visit Family in Ireland, for a week, well I took a week of work, but spent 2 1/2 days getting to and from, using my United Miles I was obliged to fly through Chicago AND London both ways. I did upgrade to Business Class, so that helped.
While there I got to go to the opening of a new clubhouse for one of the first Cycling Clubs I rode for, It was great all those familiar faces from 25? years ago, I am old as dirt!!
I then went and joined the rest of my siblings, 5 brothers and 2 sisters and their significant others, as they are now called ; -). I spent the night talking and eventually got to bed at 6.30am, though, luckily I think, I didn't drink all night.

I got back home at 11pm after 25hrs of travelling and was up for work next morning, luckily it was thrusday, so I worked two days and had two days to recover.
I can't believe how slow I feel/am since I got back, so now it's time to get ready for training season ; -) Hopefully the weather will co-operate.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dissin the Dog

Well, after a hard weeks work, I had no clue what ride I wanted to do today. I woke up at 8am not anting to ride to Zoka for coffee, or jump staright into a ride with Kenny and the Virgin. So, I had more coffee and waffles (frozen, no less,Stoked rides in the dark on sat morning!) and waited to do the classic "Erickson Ride" which I realised I first did 11 years ago!!

Well, while at logboom before we left, the Axley ride came by, and Pru Dog yelled some profanity, I think he also said I suck at Cyclo Cross.....well I already know that and it doesn't offend me at all. I almost bailed on the ride and went after the "Axies", but I didn't.

Well, after last weeks debacle of a Cyclo Cross race I said I was done, but no I'm going back out there again, I don't know why? Maybe I'll suddenly figure it out and be up there duking it out with Kenny et al......LOL!! That's not going to happen, this year anyway.....did I just say that?

This will be my last 'cross race, again ; -)

I'm going to visit my mother and 7 siblings on thursday, spending 4 1/2 days in Dublin. I will bring our Camera and take some bad photos!

That's all I have for now,


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cyclo Cross Dud

I don't know how or why, but I decided I needed to do a cyclo cross race, and with support from Kenny Williams and Dean Sabol and the crew, I saddled up on Deans fancy Moots Ti Cyclo Croos bike for the Masters A race at Kelley Creek.
It had been pouring rain all morning, but had eased off by the time our race started. The 1/2s went a minute in front of us. When Phil Miller said GO, we took off, well everyone else did, I was off the back when we passed the finish trailer after 100 yds!! I tried to up my pace and keep up with the tail enders, but they kept pulling away from me. I knew I was not going fast enough around the corners, but couldn't do it, the straight aways were ok, but I was very entertaining for everyone watching at the barriers!! I felt like my legs were not attached to my body.

I had to walk a couple of times when my right foot came out of my pedal at innapropriate times, but did manage to pass my 2007 teammate Brad Reed, oh yes he was stopped getting his saddle fixed ; -)
The 1/2 leader passed me after about 1 1/2 laps, then it seems like everyone else in the race passed me.
All in all it was a humbling experience, but I suppose I have to do a few more races to see if I can improve, don't think I can get worse, but you never know!

I was very impressed by the support of fellow racers and friends who insisted I come out again next week, despite my poor showing, either they are being very supportive or just like to see me
humiliated. I'd like to think it is genuine support, but I'm sure Pru Dog will tell me like it is and say I should quit because I suck!! So because of that and my competitive drive to at least be involved in the race........I'll be back

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another world out there??

I like this from Velo News Photo of Bettini on the poduim at World's

Unlike The Star Spangled Banner, the Italian national anthem does not end with the words 'play ball.'

Also, Awsome the US got their butts kicked at The Ryder Cup (that's golf, for those of you who think there's only 3 sports in the World ) and it was in Ireland too!!

Peace Out, as a current National CycloCross Champ would say.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Holy Tugboat, Tyler Hamilton is free to race from tomorrow!! Though the UCI are still after him.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Well, we went to the Gym on weds night, Stoked and I. 2007 begins now baby!!!! 3 days after my last race? Is that dedication, or a total lack of anything better to do??
I must say we didn't very much working out al all, just checking out all the new expansion at our gym, but we did resist temptation to go to Starbucks on the way home!!

It does really look like fall is here with all that rain on weds night thurs morning, we were thinking of riding up Hyw 20 on Sunday, we'll see!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fall is here ; -)

Looks like there was great racing at the Veulta today! Vino attacking o the descent and getting the jersey from Velvarde, hope he gets it back tomorrow.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm back!!!!

Yeah, I spend so much time reading everyone else's blog that I don't update my own!

Well, It's been a great summer, though I'm not ready for the season to be over and not spend 12 hours of the weekend in a Car! One more trip to Eugene next weekend, though.
First we have the Crystal Mtn Hill Climb, the last WSBA state championship, and the final BARR points available. I am top Ten in 1/2s so maybe I will get some points and hold that place, we'll see. I am after all OLD AS DIRT, so it's tough to keep up with thise young guys.
We also lead the team BAR, so it would be sweet to win that!
I am sorry to be missing the final Oregon Cup race down in Bend, as I'm sure I will drop from my current 3rd spot, hopefully only 2 guys will pass me and I can stay top 5.

Seward is on sunday, actually both races this weekend will have a BBQ after, so we can get a head start on stacking on the winter weight!! Though I must try to wait until after the Mt Baker hill climb on Sept 10th to really let go!! I will try not to top the 166 lbs I got to last year, with not riding for 6 weeks because of that darn Mono.

Maybe I'll post again in less than 6 weeks! If work is slow ;-)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well, July is almost over and I haven't posted since the 4th!! I'm getting as bad as Jamie. A lot has happened, Mt Tabor, Redmond Derby, Ravensdale FSA/Vision RR, Cascade, and State TT/Rosalia last weekend.
Not to mention Martha's exploits at nats and Co-Motion Stage Race.

Oh, yes It's been a busy month. With a lot of ups and downs, but that's bike racing. Also, I'm pretty tired, so what am I doing on Thurs?? Ramrod.....154 miles.....on a Tandem with Martha??
Anyway I better get back to work now or I'll be fired, oh maybe then I'd be able to do all the races I want and get rest too. Only problem would be I'd have no money to do them!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pleasant Surprise

Well, It's late and I should be getting some sleep, but this is the 4th of July and everyone is celebrating their freedom by blowing up as many fireworks as they can. It's like Belfast in 1975!!! Oh yes, did I mention fireworks are banned in Seattle??? What a great country, sometimes you're allowed to break the law. Unless of course, you're a cyclist, then you get assaulted by undercover cops!!

We had a great weekend in Oregon, once we got there. Traffic was bad on the way down on friday night. Sat morning Dave Zimbelman came by (we stayed with the Hobsons...again!! Thanks Nate and Claire) and Dave, Nate and I wwent in his truck. Martha would take Rachelle and Eloise down later, as they didn't race until 2, our race was at 10.

The race was 9 laps of the same course near Eugene (Elmira) where the rehersal race was a few weeks ago. The field was well stacked, about 45 riders in the Senior Mens Race (my oregon teammate Carl was doing masters today) with Aaron Olson home from the Giro looking tanned and fast, also David Robinson from Kodakgallery/sierra nevada. Also there were Omer Kem, a few Broadmark guys and both Hutch's Eugene and Bend teams were well represented.
There were lots of early attacks, but nothing was sticking, until I slipped away and Dave came up to me, on lap 3, I think. We managed to get a 3 minute gap before they started chasing, we stayed out for 3 laps, and i thought that was it for me, a sure DNF today. Dave took off again about 2 mles after we were caught, and Mike Rosenberg went after him, then Aaron Olson went with John Leonard in tow, that should have set off alarm bells, but no I was done. Omer Kem bridged solo on the finish hill, very impressive, and that was it The bunch was down to about 14 guys, so nat a lot of chasing was really done. I got away with Todd Duncan and Taylor Keneuven with a little less than 2 to go. Of the 7 up front David Robinson came back, and Dave Zimbelman stopped with cramps. Did I mention it was really hot, I think close to 90 deg.
I got dropped by Todd and Taylor on the finish hill with a lap to go, and limped home for 8th place, later moved to 7th when Aaron Olson was dq'd for removing his helmet during the race? That gave Omer the State RR Champion tiltle, well deserved after the rough start to his season.

I'll write up on Mt Tabor later, gotta go now.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Elkhorn and TdF

Well Elkhorn was a blast, as usual. I did manage to blow up on the finishing climb on Sunday??? After winning the crit, what's up with that?
This race is so cool, It's races like this that keep me bike racing, good athmosphere, great organiser and super courses. That and the older guys who keep beating up on me!!

I could write a 10 page race report, but don't have the time. Let's just say I was on the attack, I ended up 6th overall in the masters 40+.

Well, I guess it was a long time coming, but what about all those guys getting suspended for the Tour?? Crazy, Hope cycling can recover from this. "Big Pat" as we called him (we had less kind nicknames for him, but I won't put them here!!) has his work cut out for him now, but there's no better man to do the job.

Well, we're off to Oregon for the State RR and Mt Tabor on Sunday. Too many stinkin' crits up here!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Men in Diapers

We did the marymoor little 100 last night, it's a fancy dress race around the track, riding Van Dessel single speed backpedal brake cruisers.

We had Kenny, Jiri,Paul Clement and me, we won. There were only 2 other cat 1/2/3/ teams out there, though. What do we have to do to get more teams interested in this Race? I came last year to watch Martha race and was talked into racing with some guys from the Byrne Specialty Gases Team, we had a blast. The women had 5 or 6 teams? come on guys, lets go out and do this "race" it's actually fun.

The costume of the day was the Rubicon boys wearing Diapers.....and nothing else....brave souls, the diapers even lasted the whole race!!

Before the Track event, Martha and I went to Ellensberg to ride a clmb that Lez Korcala has been telling us about. It was really windy, but we didn't notice once we started climbing. The climb is about 7 miles and goes from 2.000 to 5,600ft, good road and about 7-10% grade, awesome. We both wished we could have done it more than once.

Oh, Yeah last week we did the Oregon Rehearsal RR in Eugene on Sat. Martha raced Tandem with Martin, they finished 3rd. I was 7th in the 1/2s, was bummed because Carl didn't make the break. I was just there to help him get more Oregon Cup points.

So it's Seward today, then off to Elkhorn on Thursday! : -)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mt Hood Epic Stage Race

Day 1, Everyone looking at each other, Clint Gaver(Team Spine) goes up the road after the first climb, one guy tries to go up, a couple of people try to get to him and fail, then I throw caution to the wind and attack across to the chaser,John Hancock(Sierra Nevada/Specialized) before the main road. I don't want to kill myself and get dropped so we dangle out there, until when we are almost caught, Zan T bridges up and the gap opens, then at the Start/Finish (top of the main climb) Robert Pasco (Safeway) bridges and we catch the guy in front, so 5 of us with about 30 secs and 1 lap to go, behind they are again looking at each other and nobody wants to chase hard. I watch the others descend and catch back up when it straightens out.
We hit the highway again and Pasco is taking monster pulls, we drop two guys and Zan can't pull at all, by now we're almost catching the Pro field, we hit the cooper spur road and we have 1 1/2 mins!! Pasco again is hammering and now I can't pull anymore, so we decide he wins I'm 2nd and Zan is 3rd, we almost have to push him over the line to take the win. We ended up 1.45 up on Carl who took 4th, and 1.50 up on the main "players"....Sweeeeet.

I think I must have fried myself for the TT, 'cause I was not going too well, I did manage to catch Zan just before the finish and beat Pasco by 1.30 or so to rake the jersey :-)

The Crit was a non event for the GC guys, with the Morgan Stanley guys taking 1/2 Dan Smith won with Chris D'Alusio 2nd, oh I guess he's a GC guy too!! They also won the $100 prime with 2 to go. I must say the new (to me) course was nice, taking away the sharp right hander uphill to the finishing straight.
I was probably chatting to some 1/2 guys when I missed the Jersey Presentation...oops bad faux pas....sorry Chad.

The Queen Stage, well to put it Blountly, I got spanked. I must first say I threw up my breakfast before the start, nerves?? I don't think so, as I have done that before, when not in the Yellow Jersey, and I had a killer headache to boot. So, from the get go it was a case of survival and limiting my losses, hoping I would feel better later in the race.
I suffered on the small risers before the first climb, couldn't breathe, so I decide to ride my own pace on the first climb and not try to stay with the Big Guns! Well, I was about 45 secs back at the top, but Carl Roberts was up there trying to slow them down, and I got back on after the top, just in time to get dropped on the descent ;-) I had company though, as Kerry Farrell (Wheelsport)and Bruce Hodgkins (Excel) were hating life as much as me going down there, the we hit climb #2, and Kerry and I got back to the group, I felt a lot better once I got on, but Dave, Lindsay, Chris D'Alusio and Robert Pasco were off the front by 1 minute or so. Carl, Mike Rosenberg, and John Hancock chased on and off the rest of the way with me.Pasco was dropped by Zimbleman and D'Aliusio and we caught him near the top of KOM #2, thanks to trojan work by Carl.

I did much better down the 2nd descent, where Carl pulled all the way, then when we got to the bottom he flatted, he caught back and went to pull again, but he didn't have much left and we dropped him soon after. I was left with Brian McGuire on my wheel and very little help for the next, maybe 5 miles leading into the final climb. I never went all the way back, but I think there were about 8 or 9 in the group at this stage. Finally a time check, 5 mins to Lindsay and 1.20 up to Chris and Dave, I had 2.20 on Chris starting the day, so MAYBE I could hold onto 3rd?? My dilema was if I gave it my all chasing, then Brian would attack me and I would be left in 5th!! I kept pulling anyway, I would later find out Brian didn;t have a lot in the tank.
On the last climb, John Hancock took some good pulls, and then attacked just before the cooper spur resort, nobody responded, so when he got a gap I jumped across ( I didn't want to loose the only guy that was giving me a "dig") of course everyone followed me! After Cooper Spur I pulled all the way with no help at all, I think I was going good, then when we saw the last 200m Rosenberg attacked, then Kerry Ferrell (Hadn't seen him an a long time!!) but nobody else passed me, turns out I must have shattered the group.
Alas, I did not go hard enough as D'Alusio left Dave and took 2nd on the day and 3rd overall, by 29secs!!!

I was sorry not to hold on, but if you told me before the race I would have the jersey for 2 stages and finish 4th overall, I would have been pretty happy.

Results are here

Roll on Elkhorn!!


Monday, May 22, 2006


Ok, I've been slacking too. Well, we've done the Wenatchee Omnium and I even got BARR points in the mens 1/2. That's a sure sign of my sights being lowered, It's a major acheivement to even get BARR points in the 1/2s! I was 13th overall and 3 guys were not WSBA members, in the back door too.
I was rather upset though that I could not get up to Kenny on the climb in the RR to try to help him defend his lead, he's climbing well, but not well enough to keep the overall, he ended up 3rd, not too shabby.

I decided to do masters in Enumclaw, but was sorry to see only 20 riders in the combined A/B field. Once again Matt Hill smoked me in the TT, he's riding really well right now (I hope!) . The crit was something else, with 4 laps to go Matt flatted (no free laps after 5 to go) sorry Matt, let's not go crazy and give him a chance to catch back. I see him being put back in the pack next time around??? What's going on? He is now a lap down, so I'll have a good lead tomorrow, three to go, I can just take it easy and stay safe no prizes for the finish, disaster....I flat race over, both Matt and I are 2 mins down almost, maybe we can make it up in the RR??

Matt and I plan to just race hard, but nobody else is interested in racing, except Arnie Laiti and he rolls off after the climb, and some attacking from Dave Hecht,Matt and I. Nobody chases al the way down the highway, dang were not even pedalling!!!! Arnie later said he wasn't planning on making a big effort there, but when nobody went after him he decided to give it a go. He gave it a good go as we never caught him and he won overall, fair play. Behind everyone was content to watch Matt and Mick attack, counter attack and chase whomever went up the road. Matt finally gave up and hammered the whole last lap ( nobody even tried to help him!) on the front, I was not going to bring Arnie back for someone else to reap the win, Arnie deserved it for being willing to ride hard. Matt just pulled off at the bottom of the hill and I rode a good tempo until I saw it ws just Dave Hecht behind me, so I went for it. Dave let me get 2nd on the day, and he won the Masters B, way to go Dave, you're strong like Bull.

I ended up 6th overall, dissapointing, but I live to go to work this week without any hospital bills, and anticipate a really tough Mt Hood stage race in two weeks. Next Sunday is Ski to Sea in Bellingham for me, that's always fun. I've got a new team and we're, to quote my spouse, "Stoked"(different meaing, of course) about the race!

Slan, Mick

Monday, May 08, 2006

Masters State RR

Well, back to back State Champs!! And another one next week!

This time it was Masters RR, I think our field was small because it was so wet in the morning, which didn't stop Martha from winning her race. In a sprint, no less!!

Back to our race,We did 5 laps of the 10.5 mile loop. Surprisingly to me, all of the Excel guys that could, rode the B race, so that took an aggressive factor from our field, but not to worry Doug Davis was there to animate the race as he always does.
I was suffering really badly early on and felt like I couldn't get enough air on the climbs, then on lap two, guys started to roll off the front. Luckily Carl Roberts had it covered for us, then when the gap got big enough Kenny launched and soloed across the 45 second? gap. That decimated the field, though I did manage to claw on to the second group, and was just thankful I had two teammates in the break, of 6.

The next two laps I was able to sit on the back of the group while Kenny rode away from the break and three more came back to us, then with about a lap to go we caught Carl and Alan Wiley, so it was just Kenny up the road.

I covered a few attacks and made a couple of my own, as I was starting to feel better, but I was not feeling so super and was maybe a little bit guilty about sitting on all that time, so we came to the finish, a group of seven sprinting for second. Well I'm no Martha when it come to sprinting these days ;-) so I ended up 6th.

I must say I was impressed with the riding of the Axley USA Team, they worked their butts off all day, and were totally committed to Helping Mark K get 2nd, which he did with seemingly easy. Michael Emde and Mike Pruitt gave their all, despite Michael being defending champion, he gave up his chances for Mark on the last lap, making sure nothing got away, way to go guys, If only all teams rode like that.

Now it's on to Wenatchee for that killer hill!!

Oh, yes I think Ben got to go home from hospital today after his crash on saturday :-) and I also hear Steve Holland punctured a lung on top of all his other injuries, so he's got another couple of days in Hospital. Our best wishes go out to both of them.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

State RR

Just a short note on the Wa State Senior Mens RR.
It was a very well gaurded pack that hit the finish together, nothing got more than 15 seconds up the road??? Wierd!!
The sad notes on this race are two seperate crashes, one was Steve Holland breaking a collarbone and some ribs according to reports. Then Ben Kaplan crashed on the first right hand bend on the farm road, broke his leg, It was ugly, my head was not in it after that, as we were stopped there on the last lap, with about 7? miles to go.

Oh, Yeah Kenny Won, from a galant Rob Campbell. It was close I hear!!

Masters State RR tomorrow ; - ) Lets try to keep everyone upright.....please.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Plonker of the week award

Well this weekend was a stay at home weekend, despite Sage Races in Maupin, OR (Where??) and Winthrop Wa. We had a family wedding to attend in Oak Harbor on Sat, late afternoon. God knows we do very little family stuff, it's the least we could do, besides we had races we could both days anyway : -)

The Pedal Dynamics ( ) Green River TT was an 11.5 mile event on Sat. And as Martha was doing it twice, well why couldn't I? Well, here's why......I FORGOT my Shoes!!!!!! So, at 7.50am, instead of pre riding the course, I sped home to get my shoes to try to make it back in time for my Cat 1/2 start at 10.11am, and we live by Northgate Mall!! But I made it back about the same time as Martha was finishing her first TT.

My start was 1 min in front of Martha and Martin on the tandem, so I knew I would have to be fast to hold them off. Going out I felt pretty good, riding 29-30mph most of the time, but they gained, by Martin's calculations 20 secs on me. Coming back I was struggling to keep my speed above 25mph, but I managed to hold them off despite my feeling like I was dying. When the results were calculated I ended up 3rd in the 1/2s, with a time of 25.07, six seconds slower than last year, oh well. I was 4th overall, as Matt Hill, who won the masters crushed me by 30secs, awesome ride Matt, I'll have to get closer to him at Enumclaw, or I will have problems :))))

The wedding went well, but we didn't get home until 10.30pm, and I slept most of theway home in the car (Martha did the driving.....thanks sweetie!!) and hardly woke up when we got home!

Sunday's races at seward are on the usual 1.2 or so mile loop, going clockwise this time. The masters race in the morning was stacked with Byrne and Excel guys, we had Me, Ron, Dave Douglas and Tim Slotta, a total field of about 25. Well I ended up in a break that really looked like succeeding, as all the teams were present, Byrne and Excel had two each, and I was the Only FRM guy there, problem was nobody was willing to lay it down, so we got caught on the last lap.... that was frustrating, and I ended up at the back. Ron did get 3rd, so that was a plus.

The 1/2 field was about the same size, because of all the other races going on, and was dominated by Todd Herriot, who lapped the field, I felt ok, but had to stop, as my crank was coming loose....for the 3rd time this week!!! Time to call the warranty dept at FSA!!

Next weekend should be good racing, as we have both the Senior and Masters state RR Champs.

Hasta la Pasta

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Try Again

Well, I seem to have lost my password for my old blog site, so I have started a new one. Now I'm back writing all sorts of trash to waste everyone's time, just like you waste mine!!
I'll just say I felt like I was stuck to the road last weekend at the Willamette Valley Classic race. At least there was nice weather for this great new race. I suggest you put it on your calendar for 2007, hopefully it won't be on the same weekend as Walla Walla.

Ok, that's the short post to get back up and running again!