Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pleasant Surprise

Well, It's late and I should be getting some sleep, but this is the 4th of July and everyone is celebrating their freedom by blowing up as many fireworks as they can. It's like Belfast in 1975!!! Oh yes, did I mention fireworks are banned in Seattle??? What a great country, sometimes you're allowed to break the law. Unless of course, you're a cyclist, then you get assaulted by undercover cops!!

We had a great weekend in Oregon, once we got there. Traffic was bad on the way down on friday night. Sat morning Dave Zimbelman came by (we stayed with the Hobsons...again!! Thanks Nate and Claire) and Dave, Nate and I wwent in his truck. Martha would take Rachelle and Eloise down later, as they didn't race until 2, our race was at 10.

The race was 9 laps of the same course near Eugene (Elmira) where the rehersal race was a few weeks ago. The field was well stacked, about 45 riders in the Senior Mens Race (my oregon teammate Carl was doing masters today) with Aaron Olson home from the Giro looking tanned and fast, also David Robinson from Kodakgallery/sierra nevada. Also there were Omer Kem, a few Broadmark guys and both Hutch's Eugene and Bend teams were well represented.
There were lots of early attacks, but nothing was sticking, until I slipped away and Dave came up to me, on lap 3, I think. We managed to get a 3 minute gap before they started chasing, we stayed out for 3 laps, and i thought that was it for me, a sure DNF today. Dave took off again about 2 mles after we were caught, and Mike Rosenberg went after him, then Aaron Olson went with John Leonard in tow, that should have set off alarm bells, but no I was done. Omer Kem bridged solo on the finish hill, very impressive, and that was it The bunch was down to about 14 guys, so nat a lot of chasing was really done. I got away with Todd Duncan and Taylor Keneuven with a little less than 2 to go. Of the 7 up front David Robinson came back, and Dave Zimbelman stopped with cramps. Did I mention it was really hot, I think close to 90 deg.
I got dropped by Todd and Taylor on the finish hill with a lap to go, and limped home for 8th place, later moved to 7th when Aaron Olson was dq'd for removing his helmet during the race? That gave Omer the State RR Champion tiltle, well deserved after the rough start to his season.

I'll write up on Mt Tabor later, gotta go now.

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