Monday, July 09, 2007

Tandem TT

I know I did Sunday before Sat, but there it is!

Stoked Stoked for me in a 40k TT in Peroria (outside Corvallis) on Sat. Well we saw how fast a sub 50 min 40 k looks! Nick and Dan (don't have time to look up the correct spelling of their last names now!) from Hutch's in Eugene did 49.36......
And we were happy with our 53.03 for a new course record for mixed Tandems, I think a mixed tandem rode a 40k there 8 years ago ;-)

Gotta go
Yesterday was the State Masters RR at Longbranch, and arriving at the finish we had 3 bloggers out of 4 racers, also 2 sprinters and 2 guys who couldn't sprint out of a paper bag!!

Well we gave it our best, I was inches out of 2nd

Result 1st Rob Campbell
2nd Todd Gallagher
3rd OAD
4th PNW Buckeye

Blogger won't let me title this post??

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hectic Schedule

We have been spending, as I said in the last post, a lot of time in our car.
We did OBRA Tandem Champs in Eugene, then Mt Tabor Circuit race, followed by Elkhorn and back to Eugene this past weekend for the OBRA Senior RR Champs.

I've had some good results, some not so good! The highlight was winning the Dooley Mountain Stage of Elkhorn in the masters, solo for the last 5 miles. That netted me 3rd overall (I started the day 8th) and 2nd in the FIAC National Championships.

This past weekend I attempted the Oregon Senior RR, and hoped for a good result. The day started off badly, as I awoke with a terrible headache and neck pain. I slept most of the way on the drive down from our hosts house in Portland. That didn't help much, I started anyway, but with Even Elken,Doug Ollerenshaw, Aaron Olson,Ryan Treefarm and Barry Wicks all in there, I figured I should try to get away before them, 'cause I sure wasn't going to go with them!! I tried, but I just felt terrible (legs weren't too bad, but my head and stomach felt crook as they say in Oz)
The break did go early, but ALL the big guns were in there, Dave Zimbelman included, a 50+ big gun there. I couldn't do anything and quit at the feed after 2 1/2 laps, as Martha was doing neutral feeding for my teamate/promoter, Sal.

So, PR and a Tandem ride with family on the 4th, then back down for Corvallis and the OBRA Tandem TT on Sat, then back up for the Washington (yes, a race in Wa!) for the Masters RR Champs at Longbranch on Sunday.

Happy 4th