Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Recap

Not that I want to go over what was a bad weekend, but here goes.
My freewheel broke on Saturday's ride, all I had was freewheel. Darren P was a hero, though, he rode home from McDonalds hill got his car, and a replacement wheel, and drove me home. Thanks DP I owe you one, or six.
I spent Sat afternoon working on my bike (and sulking!)
Sunday's ride started out promising, but wasn't too long before I figured out I didn;t feel too good. Maybe a coffee stop in Snohomish would help? NOT. I was sooo slow coming back High Bridge Rd. I just told Martha and Martin to leave me in my misery at 8 mph. They waited a few times, I wasn't getting better, eventually I told them "please leave me" and they did, I could always call if I was not going to make it.
Then the Husky Cycling team blew past me, Galen introudced me to them (now they'll know me as the slow old guy we saw in January!) as they passed.
I started to recover a bit after crossing hwy 9, and decide to take a shortcut and hooked up with Martha and Martin before Bothell and managed to stay with them to Logboom.
The one bright spot of the weekend was a good dinner with good friends on Sunday evening. Now let's try to be better next week.

Congrats to Kenny on making the Final of the scratch race at the LA World track cup this weekend!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Training mode and other things

Well, I'm trying to get into the swing of a training routine, and trying to ride a little faster (than 14mph!) I'm not doing too well, though we did have a great ride in awful conditions last Saturday.
There were 11 of us rode from "downtown" Arlington,Wa. mostly my Teammates, from Seattle and Bellingham, and Jason, Flavio and Mike from The Garage Team. It was 37 degrees as we left towards Darrington, on the 107 mile trek.
Well, as we neared Darrington it started to rain, then we saw the snow on the roadside and in the fields, that made it colder, plus it started to rain harder! Everyone was struggling to stay warm, and Robin was to turn back, until Ed Harley and I said we wouldn't let her go alone. She stuck it out and was really strong, as usual, by the end.
It was a great training ride, not too hard, but I know I was tired at the end, and felt it on Sunday's ride.
I must say Robin Secrist and Daisy from WWU were really impressive, they never struggled to keep up and took their fair share of pulls, and Daisy only started riding in the fall!

I also wanted to note that my former Club Mate won a Golden Globe award on Sunday night! Yes, though I never rode with him, didn't meet him either :-) But Daniel Day-Lewis was a member of the Emerald Cycling Club in Dublin, as I was. I heard he used to ride quite often back then, not sure if he still does.

I have a couple of photo's I need to post, My new look and my new Marcroft frame....It is really sweeeet!

Let's hope the roads clear up and we can ride this weekend!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mileage Confessions

Jan 3rd 2008
Happy New Year

Well, seeems Stoked has started a trend by posting her mileage for 2007, so please forgive me for my are the details.
Total Mileage........................................... 13,029
biggest mileage month....May .................1,387
Longest Ride.............................................. 200 miles and on the tandem too!!!!
Total days off the bike in 2007................39

Tonight was a nasty ride home from work, was raining sideways. Shouldn't complain wasn't snow or Ice.