Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Riding

I won a race last week, in Bellingham , Masters of course. I also lost a race by a lot, to one of the best hill climbers on the west coast.

This weekend was a tale of two seasons! Saturday was beautiful and was spent riding my bike for 9 hours in the most beautiful place in the state......North Cascades Hwy. Great prep for This.

Today started out nice, but quickly turned nasty, the seward park masters A race was cancelled, nobody showed up! I bailed on the 1/2s race it was just miserable, so I just rode to Seward and back.

Next week is Eugene Celebration race for us!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Time Trial Perspective

Sunday 3rd August,

You know, It's pretty easy to offend people when talking about your performance, especially in a time trial.
I did the State 40k TT champs today in Tenino, my performance was not what I hoped for on a fast course. Where Ian McKissick went sub 50 mins!

To say I sucked would be offensive to all the people I beat, and I have heard that many times from riders who have beaten me before.

Let me just say my performance was not what I hoped for, and congratulate all the medal winners.

Next up for me is the State Hill Climb, I can only try to be better there and maybe get in the medals.