Sunday, August 03, 2008

Time Trial Perspective

Sunday 3rd August,

You know, It's pretty easy to offend people when talking about your performance, especially in a time trial.
I did the State 40k TT champs today in Tenino, my performance was not what I hoped for on a fast course. Where Ian McKissick went sub 50 mins!

To say I sucked would be offensive to all the people I beat, and I have heard that many times from riders who have beaten me before.

Let me just say my performance was not what I hoped for, and congratulate all the medal winners.

Next up for me is the State Hill Climb, I can only try to be better there and maybe get in the medals.



justfivegrins said...

A very honorable perspective.

Given that the "race of truth" is you against the course AND yourself AND the person who can do that the fastest on any given day wins.

Strategy and tactics play less into this race format than pure energy management to maximize your race performance - hopefully reaching the finish line with nothing left in the tank. Then you compare performances and declare a winner. If you weren’t the winner (or on the podium) then an examination of your preparation, training, equipment, position, warm up, and everything else is in order.

You can’t buy genetics, you can’t buy motivation, you can’t buy more time in a day – you do the best with what you’ve got and with that you’ve got to be satisfied.

Brian Marcroft said...

That's a lot of fast times. Are you sure the course was 40km?

Old as dirt said...

I think it was really close if it was short. The promoter said he measured it 3 ways.