Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Riding

I won a race last week, in Bellingham , Masters of course. I also lost a race by a lot, to one of the best hill climbers on the west coast.

This weekend was a tale of two seasons! Saturday was beautiful and was spent riding my bike for 9 hours in the most beautiful place in the state......North Cascades Hwy. Great prep for This.

Today started out nice, but quickly turned nasty, the seward park masters A race was cancelled, nobody showed up! I bailed on the 1/2s race it was just miserable, so I just rode to Seward and back.

Next week is Eugene Celebration race for us!

1 comment:

Argentius said...

I haven't had a 9 hour bike day in -- crap, ever? I suppose STP.

You 24-hour racers are a different breed of crazy.

We should go for a ride, drink some coffee, one of these weekends...