Thursday, January 18, 2007


I got to ride to work today! It's been more than a week since I had done that, now to see if I can make 60 or more miles this weekend??
Results from the Velotron Tests came out yesterday, and Congrats to Kele Murdin and Jason Bethel on having the fastest times.
So, who took pnwbuckeye's political sign from his Lawn?? Dang they won't cross the water to race, but they go over to remove his political sign!! Where does it end?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Grrrrrrrrrr and Brrrrrrrrrrrr

Well, I'm watching Seahawks pre game show on TV instead of riding my bike. There's been snow on the ground since weds and it hasn't gotten above freezing since then either. It's 23.5 degrees right now, when the low was supposed to be 26.
I think there are a lot of frustrated cyclists in Seattle (and Portland) right now I'm sure Michael Emde is laughing at us, as this is normal for him. Shows what dedication he has that he can come out in the first races and be soo strong. Me, I'll be suffering at the back, again, at Mason Lake.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My pet hate

So,I got totally drenched on my way to work this morning, and now it's sunny and I have to put all those wet clothes back on. I think I'll have an uncomfortable ride home.
Hopefully I won't get trail bombed by Robert from Garage for the third time this week. I shouldn't feel bad, he dosen't even wave to his own teammates. What's up with that??

That's two pet peeves!

I'm becoming a grumpy old fart.