Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Wow, what's up with this weather?

Well, we took a weekend off racing this week and planned on doing some good training rides, maybe even take the Tandem out before we race it in three TT's next weekend in Maupin. Well, we are still stuck on our rain bikes!
We had leftover snow on Sat morn at our house, but still hit the road at 7.15 am to meet the Excel guys at marymoor, well wouldn't you know most of them bailed and Glenn didn't know we were planning on coming, so we missed the 3 that did ride by when we were waiting at the Velodrome? Ended up riding to Carnation for coffee and back home over some hills :-)

Sunday wasn't much better, and Martha rode north while I ventured back out to meet anyone who might show up at Marymoor.....again nobody! Oh well I trugged along and got a good ride in.

My total for the weekend was 155 miles, not bad for snow and temps around 40 degrees most of the time.

Walla Walla sounded like a brutally hard race in all Categories, some fast people lost a lot of time . Kudos to teammate Sile Kiernan for winning the cat 4 womens event, and Robin Secrist winning the Cat 3 race overall, Robin was 2nd overall in the 1/2/3 womens race....and I'm sure there's more to come from both.

Note to "2wheels" It's only one race, you guys Rock and will again. Keep the positive attitude.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Constant Hum

Well, It has been a while, but life has been.... well, life!

I work in Bothell (for now) and they have been pile driving mondo beams into the ground for the last several weeks. It's part of the Brightwater sewage treatment plant tunnel. It's been a pain, unlike Stoked I can't just pack up and go home when there is an annoying noise outside ;-)

Racing has been average, with stresses at work, they are changing what I do daily it seems. And just not getting enough training, I'm just happy to be riding my bike. Hopefully I will be able to compete before long.

Next up is the Deschutes River TT Festival in Maupin. We are doing it on our Tandem again, I
remember last year my form started to come after this weekend of suffering, so hopefully it will be the same this year. Otherwise I will be in the hurt locker at the Mount Hood Stage Race, which comes two weeks earlier this year. I bet we see snow on both road stages, and not just on distant mountaintops!
Hope everyone has fun at Walla Walla, sorry I won't be there. I am looking forward to all the reports, especially from smack talking Brian in the Cat 3 race.