Sunday, August 19, 2007

The "B" Team!

Never underestimate the power of the B team......State TTT Champions 2007

Results are here

Though, I was sorry to hear of the Crash the Garage Team had, I'm sure they would have had a fast time. Jason, Flavio hope you heal quickly.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Tues 14th Aug,
Well if this works, here's the link to my MotionBased training log. Just click on "my Activities".

I do ride slowly, don't I.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

More than a month?

Since I blogged!

Well, I've gone from work to bed to car to race non stop since then, seems like it anyway. Went to , Bend,Eugene,Corvallis and Bellingham on weekends and Pacific Raceways on Tues nights Seward Pk on thurs nights.
Anyway, this weekend was Bellingham Omnium State Champs, I raced Pro/1/2s and my results will prove that I was the oldest guy in the race, my TT was slow (relative to the 17 guys who went faster anyway!) my Crit was ugly, this old body can't go THAT fast from the gun, I wasn't very good at that even when I was younger.
The RR was a bit better, though the result, DFL was not. I had teammates in the top 4 of the race and the BAR standings too, so I could just "have fun" and drive it on the flat section so no breaks would get too far. Well It hurt me, maybe everyone behind just felt sorry for my feeble effort and said nice job as they passed me on the hill. I would get back on each of the first 3 laps and go back to the front for the flat section. Last time up the hill I was "done" and just rode in on the small ring to the finish.
I downloaded all the info from my Garmin 305 onto the Motionbased website and it looks real good, some cool functions on that website if you have a Garmin, or need a good bike computer get a Garmin.
That's all I have,