Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Tues 14th Aug,
Well if this works, here's the link to my MotionBased training log. Just click on "my Activities".

I do ride slowly, don't I.


Argentius said...

OAD, that will link to the MB account of the user who clicks on the link, so I see my own activities.

To see yours, we need a link to your motionbased username dot motionbased.com, like, you can see mine at ARGENTIUS.MOTIONBASED.COM

Old as dirt said...

That doesn't work either!

Argentius said...

well, what the heck?

Here, try:


That should work! I have tried several of my friends' accounts that way, and they all work, so I think that's the key to it.

Coach Curly said...

I just looked at your CyclingPeaks log entries and it shows absolutely No blogging activity for the month of July...

I'm sure you'll pick it up as Winter approaches