Monday, April 30, 2007

That Hurt!

Well, everyone said we would fly on the Tandem on Stage 3....NOT! It was really hard to get going on a 4 mile climb to start and it didn't get any easier for the other 22 miles to the turnaround.
All the guys behind us caught and passed us, most before the turn.

Stoker has a good report on her blog.

What happened at Elma?? I guess you'll say don't go poaching Oregon races if you want to know what happens in Wa ;-)

Any, or should I say how many?, wild happenings at Big Sissy's Birthady Party?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Warm Weather

Wow, it's nice to race in warm weather, just two layers and a 9am start.

The first of today's two TT was a 26.2 mile loop, that started out with a gradual 4 mile climb. We just tried to keep the tandem moving going up there, but managed to pass a few bodies, including the 2 other tandems in the race. We got spun out on the descents (still waiting for the 55t ring that is on B/O) but 40-42 mph coasting was ok with me!
We ended up 11th overall for the race.
The big shocker was Dave Z beating Kenny, CYCA didn't like that, so took it out on Dave in the hill cimb in the afternoon.

All the results are here

It's soo nice here our hotel in right on the Deschutes River, and with the warm weather we can just sit on the patio, after dinner (a big burger and fries, with a beer!) and listen to the river flow.

Tomorrow is a 48 mile out and back tt that starts up a big stinkin' hill and is usually tailwind out and headwind back, should be "intesting" to say the least.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Maupin TT Stage Race

Today was spent prepping then driving to the beautiful town of Maupin,Oregon for the Deschutes River TT stage race. The race is organised by George Thomas and Terri Gooch, endurance cyclists and now proud parents of baby Amelia. George and Terri also promote the Race Across Oregon in July, a 520 mile epic that someday, I would like to do.They also promote the Ring Of Fire 12 and 24 hour TT here in Maupin in Sept, Stoked did the 12 hr version last year.

Oh, did I mention we are doing this hilly TT stage race on our Tandem?? Hope we're on speaking terms at the end of it all, 'coz we are hoping to do the 12 race in Sept on the tandem too!

Kenny came down too, and we stopped off at Salmon Cyclery owned by super fast David Zimbelman, he of national road champion 50-54 in 2005. That's a nice shop in The Dalles, if you ever get a chance to drop by. Dave has lots of his jerseys and other memrobelia on display.

Here's a pic of my bike especially for TEC4
I might actually get to do reports from this race as there is no TV in our room, though we do have Internet access...Obviously! I might get sidetraked surfing the many sites I gaze at on a regular basis.
Anyway, have a great weekend,

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The New Bike

Well, if I was so inclined I'd post a pic of my new DBR bike with SRAM gruppo, but you'll just have to come out to a race and see it (if you care!)
Our team did get hooked up with our cool new smith shades thanks to Greg "Chopper' Randolph.

Sunday I raced near longview, on a really hard new course. I got to suffer behind Kenny and Chad Hartley ( had big trouble breathing and was throwing up too!) while they bridged a 90 sec gap to the winning break. They then proceeded to drop everyone up there too. Chad nipped Kenny in the uphill finish. According to reports Chad won it with his intial surge and Kenny could not quite get to him, holding all the way to the line at about 1/2 a bike length.

This weekend we're doing the Time Trial Stage Race in Maupin, Oregon...on our tandem!! Sunday is a 48 mile hily windy TT, should be interesting. Nice thing is we will have some competition for the first time this year.

Time to go back to work. Unlike others, I don't get paid while I blog ; -) So no parties over here.

Take Care,


Friday, April 20, 2007

Life on Two Wheels?

Peer pressure to blog!! Curly made me do it.

I've just been training like a crazy man, hoping I can do more than get dropped by LFGs big and small. Now I'm just really tired.

Anyway Stoked is taking all the blogging spotlight right now, even Prudog has been quiet.....for once!

No Walla Walla for me this weekend, though. We'll just go down and do the new Three Rivers race on Sunday.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend Off

Well no racing for me this weekend.
We had a nice long Tandem ride on Saturday and a ride to Carnation for Coffee on Sunday, I was glad I wasn't racing 'cause I felt like poop until I got my Coffee!

Then I watched some Golf, hoping Padraig Harrington (Joey's Cousin) might win the masters, but alas it was not to be. I have been very pleased to see my favorite Football team, Liverpool, doing well lately, though they are too far behind Man U and Chelsea in the English league, they just need to not loose too badly to PSV on weds and they are in the Champions League Semi Finals. This is REAL football, I'm talking about, you might know it as soccer; -)

Anyway we went to see the Boat Street crit on Sunday evening, and I was sorry to see it rain for those guys, though glad I wasn't out there. Poor Chad Nik obvoiusly spent too much time in warm weather, cuz he got dropped from the break. The only reason that happened was too few clothes on no way was he getting dropped, he's too good a crit rider for that.

The race was quite exciting, Russell Sevenson had a good attack with about 6 mins to go, but in the end it came down to a 6 man sprint, and of course CYCA (ok Curly?) oblidged, as he ahd done for the $254 crowd prime and the $100 prime a few laps later. What a guy, he's showing no signs of slowing down approaching 40 years young.
I heard one of the masters racers saying when Kenny rode away from them he looked like he was on a training ride, all he was missing was the rack and bag on the back of his bike!!

As of writing I might actually be going to PR with Stoked tomorrow evening!! I think I've been there once in my 12 years racing in the Seattle Area, so look out!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Going Nowhere...slowly!

Well, I've spent the past month racing and training, with little success! At least I've lost some weight, but I'm not getting very fast, despite what PruDog says.

I did manage to swing a new work schedule that will get me outta there by 3.45 to ride, still getting used to that, but hopefully I will get some good rides and the occasional midweek race. Then I will be good for the Stage Races coming up later in the season.

The downside to all that is that I have do drag my sorry a** out of bed at 5.15am every day..Stoked is not very stoked about that!! Especially when I toss and turn, snore and snort and the other ;- ) constantly, so she ends up with about 3 hrs sleep.

Personal to Prudog, watch out for The Overatted Sissy aka "Bridge" He like to bring married women out to lunch, be warned and tell Mrs Pru to order the most expensive item on the menu if he does take her out, he got a HUGE pay raise from Boeing this year.

Well that's it for me for another month or so!

ps What a crazy weekend of racing this was, me, Kenny and Brian Ecker were useless on Sat in Bellingham and quit at halfway, but today at Piece of Cake we were better, 2nd for Ecker to Doug O, and Kenny 5th (2nd in pack behind Even Elken) I even managed to get into a couple of moves.