Friday, April 27, 2007

Maupin TT Stage Race

Today was spent prepping then driving to the beautiful town of Maupin,Oregon for the Deschutes River TT stage race. The race is organised by George Thomas and Terri Gooch, endurance cyclists and now proud parents of baby Amelia. George and Terri also promote the Race Across Oregon in July, a 520 mile epic that someday, I would like to do.They also promote the Ring Of Fire 12 and 24 hour TT here in Maupin in Sept, Stoked did the 12 hr version last year.

Oh, did I mention we are doing this hilly TT stage race on our Tandem?? Hope we're on speaking terms at the end of it all, 'coz we are hoping to do the 12 race in Sept on the tandem too!

Kenny came down too, and we stopped off at Salmon Cyclery owned by super fast David Zimbelman, he of national road champion 50-54 in 2005. That's a nice shop in The Dalles, if you ever get a chance to drop by. Dave has lots of his jerseys and other memrobelia on display.

Here's a pic of my bike especially for TEC4
I might actually get to do reports from this race as there is no TV in our room, though we do have Internet access...Obviously! I might get sidetraked surfing the many sites I gaze at on a regular basis.
Anyway, have a great weekend,


Argentius said...

You sure do have a fancy name sticker on that bike!

But, those are not fancy tires at all.

Have fun out there... c'ya next weekend I'm sure.

andrew said...

Did you get the saddle height fixed, or is that just how you opt out of a lap or two?

Coach Curly said...

she sure is purdy... I'll forward this on to the folks at VC Graphix

Old as dirt said...

Arg, they are from Victory Circle Graphics, a sponsor of Curly's races. So, go BUY some, they are cool.Listen, will everyone quit complaining about those tires, it's the legs and lungs that count not the tires!!!

Andrew, I had adjusted my seat height and not tightened the bolt enough, so my saddle dropped. Too careful was not good there!

Thanks, Curly!!