Sunday, April 01, 2007

Going Nowhere...slowly!

Well, I've spent the past month racing and training, with little success! At least I've lost some weight, but I'm not getting very fast, despite what PruDog says.

I did manage to swing a new work schedule that will get me outta there by 3.45 to ride, still getting used to that, but hopefully I will get some good rides and the occasional midweek race. Then I will be good for the Stage Races coming up later in the season.

The downside to all that is that I have do drag my sorry a** out of bed at 5.15am every day..Stoked is not very stoked about that!! Especially when I toss and turn, snore and snort and the other ;- ) constantly, so she ends up with about 3 hrs sleep.

Personal to Prudog, watch out for The Overatted Sissy aka "Bridge" He like to bring married women out to lunch, be warned and tell Mrs Pru to order the most expensive item on the menu if he does take her out, he got a HUGE pay raise from Boeing this year.

Well that's it for me for another month or so!

ps What a crazy weekend of racing this was, me, Kenny and Brian Ecker were useless on Sat in Bellingham and quit at halfway, but today at Piece of Cake we were better, 2nd for Ecker to Doug O, and Kenny 5th (2nd in pack behind Even Elken) I even managed to get into a couple of moves.


Old as dirt said...

Well, whadda you know, people are getting the wrong message from my blog, and taking offense.
I have arrived in the bloggers world!!!

Jamie Stangeland said...

I don't know who you pissed off, but something tells me that stoked won't approve of this post.

"He like to bring married women out to lunch"

"He like..." that's some fancy grammar there OAD.

stokediam said...

I think it was this bit of fancy grammar that got him in trouble: "me, Kenny and Brian Ecker were useless." The eye skims over the "me" part (since it should be "I" and it should be last in the list). So it would seem that just Kenny and Brian were useless.

Old as dirt said...

It was late and me was tired, what can I say. I already know I'm stupid.

Style Guide Curly said...

CYCA is the correkt term... lets' start using it people... I do'nt spend all day coming up with web crap for you guys to start reverting back to calling folks by "they're" real names.

btw... we're moving forward with the Web-Redsign and Chilli Cookoff... we have CYCA's approval