Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Sorry, no jerseys here...the jerseys I won are all full of moth holes!

Just got a new schedule at work, 7am to 3.30pm. That's good and bad, I get to train ( note I didn't say train more!) but I have to get up at 5.15 am to do it. You might think that's not so bad, but probably in the first 28 years of my life I Never, or VERY rarely got up before 7am!

Last weekend was Mason Lake and Ice Breaker TT. I was not very good at either, I did manage to eventually get to the front at Mason Lake with two laps to go, but that only lasted about half a lap and I was VERY happy to see the finish. Didn't even have the energy to chit chat with Jamie!

I guess I'm not Mr Early Season anymore, I always took pride in being on good form from the get go, but the last couple of years have eneded that. Hopefully I'll be good again in June and July, like last year!

Nine O'clock already!! Bedtime...see you later

And Keep your stick on the ice!


Argentius said...

What's with the stick on the ice thing?

I'm usually still at work at 5:15 in the morning...

Old as dirt said...

The Red Green Show, on PBS anc CBC

Argentius said...

Calibration on what?

Jamie Stangeland said...

You ever going to update this thing old man?

Yes I realize the hypocrisy of that statement, get over it.