Saturday, April 28, 2007

Warm Weather

Wow, it's nice to race in warm weather, just two layers and a 9am start.

The first of today's two TT was a 26.2 mile loop, that started out with a gradual 4 mile climb. We just tried to keep the tandem moving going up there, but managed to pass a few bodies, including the 2 other tandems in the race. We got spun out on the descents (still waiting for the 55t ring that is on B/O) but 40-42 mph coasting was ok with me!
We ended up 11th overall for the race.
The big shocker was Dave Z beating Kenny, CYCA didn't like that, so took it out on Dave in the hill cimb in the afternoon.

All the results are here

It's soo nice here our hotel in right on the Deschutes River, and with the warm weather we can just sit on the patio, after dinner (a big burger and fries, with a beer!) and listen to the river flow.

Tomorrow is a 48 mile out and back tt that starts up a big stinkin' hill and is usually tailwind out and headwind back, should be "intesting" to say the least.


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