Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The New Bike

Well, if I was so inclined I'd post a pic of my new DBR bike with SRAM gruppo, but you'll just have to come out to a race and see it (if you care!)
Our team did get hooked up with our cool new smith shades thanks to Greg "Chopper' Randolph.

Sunday I raced near longview, on a really hard new course. I got to suffer behind Kenny and Chad Hartley ( had big trouble breathing and was throwing up too!) while they bridged a 90 sec gap to the winning break. They then proceeded to drop everyone up there too. Chad nipped Kenny in the uphill finish. According to reports Chad won it with his intial surge and Kenny could not quite get to him, holding all the way to the line at about 1/2 a bike length.

This weekend we're doing the Time Trial Stage Race in Maupin, Oregon...on our tandem!! Sunday is a 48 mile hily windy TT, should be interesting. Nice thing is we will have some competition for the first time this year.

Time to go back to work. Unlike others, I don't get paid while I blog ; -) So no parties over here.

Take Care,



Coach Curly said...

paid? Damn...are people getting paid for doing this crap?

you really should post a picture of the DBR... it is appropriate in this Curly day and age.

Old as dirt said...

I will try get a pic this weekend.

Well, I meant blogging on work time;-) ie being paid while blogging.