Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My pet hate

So,I got totally drenched on my way to work this morning, and now it's sunny and I have to put all those wet clothes back on. I think I'll have an uncomfortable ride home.
Hopefully I won't get trail bombed by Robert from Garage for the third time this week. I shouldn't feel bad, he dosen't even wave to his own teammates. What's up with that??

That's two pet peeves!

I'm becoming a grumpy old fart.


Old as dirt said...

Becoming?? I say it first.

stokediam said...

I say it second.

Argentius said...

What does "trailbombed" mean, Mick?


Old as dirt said...

Being passed by someone doing 25 mph on the bike trail.

andrew said...

Mick - I wave every night I see you and USUALLY am able to muster a "Hey Mick" if I can make out the kit (well - who am I kidding - it's usually signature glasses that tells me it's you).

I only see Robert in the morning, and I'm usually too bleery-eyed to even know its him. He has waved though - I'm pretty sure.

Old as dirt said...

I did see you today! I'm usually playing "light games" on the way home from work. I see if someone covers their light if I do, if they don't I yell at them (see, I'm usually grumpy after a day at work!)

Anonymous said...

Dont forget!