Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's Time

It's getting to be serious training time, Jan 1st is always the start of my favorite season, I just love long epic rides in cool weather (less so in wind rain or snow/ice).
We hope to get some weekend rides on our tandem too, but we must be nice to everyone we're riding with and not go too hard.

Nice to see some new members to the NW Blog community ,Coach Curly in particular, with his witty yet sensible advice colums, but I do wonder what he is doing with all those recipes?

Speaking of advice, I think I might have to take the advice of the esteemed RS and abstain from blogging, so I can get down to riding my bike and not flittering away my time reading blogs ( not likely to happen, but I will try). I will only read at work!!
Oh, yeah speaking of work, I got called in at midnight last saturday to open up the store and give someone from McDonalds a motor he needed to fix a fan that had shut down, God forbid someone would have to go without their Big Mac at 3am!!!! Let me miss my sleep, but don't let Bubba miss his Big Mac, Large fries and large Coke.
If the guy ever comes back, maybe he'll give me some Mickey D's $s, well I'll be sure to pass them on to RS, as I hear when he's out of range of Dicks, he just loves his McDonalds breakfast before a race ; -)

Happy New year to you all and ride long,slow and safely.


stokediam said...

Is Cozy Shack chocolate pudding "training"?

Old as dirt said...

Oh Yeah!! Especially since Starbucks are cutting out trans fat! Fat is Fuel!