Friday, June 30, 2006

Elkhorn and TdF

Well Elkhorn was a blast, as usual. I did manage to blow up on the finishing climb on Sunday??? After winning the crit, what's up with that?
This race is so cool, It's races like this that keep me bike racing, good athmosphere, great organiser and super courses. That and the older guys who keep beating up on me!!

I could write a 10 page race report, but don't have the time. Let's just say I was on the attack, I ended up 6th overall in the masters 40+.

Well, I guess it was a long time coming, but what about all those guys getting suspended for the Tour?? Crazy, Hope cycling can recover from this. "Big Pat" as we called him (we had less kind nicknames for him, but I won't put them here!!) has his work cut out for him now, but there's no better man to do the job.

Well, we're off to Oregon for the State RR and Mt Tabor on Sunday. Too many stinkin' crits up here!!

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