Sunday, June 18, 2006

Men in Diapers

We did the marymoor little 100 last night, it's a fancy dress race around the track, riding Van Dessel single speed backpedal brake cruisers.

We had Kenny, Jiri,Paul Clement and me, we won. There were only 2 other cat 1/2/3/ teams out there, though. What do we have to do to get more teams interested in this Race? I came last year to watch Martha race and was talked into racing with some guys from the Byrne Specialty Gases Team, we had a blast. The women had 5 or 6 teams? come on guys, lets go out and do this "race" it's actually fun.

The costume of the day was the Rubicon boys wearing Diapers.....and nothing else....brave souls, the diapers even lasted the whole race!!

Before the Track event, Martha and I went to Ellensberg to ride a clmb that Lez Korcala has been telling us about. It was really windy, but we didn't notice once we started climbing. The climb is about 7 miles and goes from 2.000 to 5,600ft, good road and about 7-10% grade, awesome. We both wished we could have done it more than once.

Oh, Yeah last week we did the Oregon Rehearsal RR in Eugene on Sat. Martha raced Tandem with Martin, they finished 3rd. I was 7th in the 1/2s, was bummed because Carl didn't make the break. I was just there to help him get more Oregon Cup points.

So it's Seward today, then off to Elkhorn on Thursday! : -)

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Cycling Soup said...

Reecer Creek is a great climb.