Sunday, April 30, 2006

Plonker of the week award

Well this weekend was a stay at home weekend, despite Sage Races in Maupin, OR (Where??) and Winthrop Wa. We had a family wedding to attend in Oak Harbor on Sat, late afternoon. God knows we do very little family stuff, it's the least we could do, besides we had races we could both days anyway : -)

The Pedal Dynamics ( ) Green River TT was an 11.5 mile event on Sat. And as Martha was doing it twice, well why couldn't I? Well, here's why......I FORGOT my Shoes!!!!!! So, at 7.50am, instead of pre riding the course, I sped home to get my shoes to try to make it back in time for my Cat 1/2 start at 10.11am, and we live by Northgate Mall!! But I made it back about the same time as Martha was finishing her first TT.

My start was 1 min in front of Martha and Martin on the tandem, so I knew I would have to be fast to hold them off. Going out I felt pretty good, riding 29-30mph most of the time, but they gained, by Martin's calculations 20 secs on me. Coming back I was struggling to keep my speed above 25mph, but I managed to hold them off despite my feeling like I was dying. When the results were calculated I ended up 3rd in the 1/2s, with a time of 25.07, six seconds slower than last year, oh well. I was 4th overall, as Matt Hill, who won the masters crushed me by 30secs, awesome ride Matt, I'll have to get closer to him at Enumclaw, or I will have problems :))))

The wedding went well, but we didn't get home until 10.30pm, and I slept most of theway home in the car (Martha did the driving.....thanks sweetie!!) and hardly woke up when we got home!

Sunday's races at seward are on the usual 1.2 or so mile loop, going clockwise this time. The masters race in the morning was stacked with Byrne and Excel guys, we had Me, Ron, Dave Douglas and Tim Slotta, a total field of about 25. Well I ended up in a break that really looked like succeeding, as all the teams were present, Byrne and Excel had two each, and I was the Only FRM guy there, problem was nobody was willing to lay it down, so we got caught on the last lap.... that was frustrating, and I ended up at the back. Ron did get 3rd, so that was a plus.

The 1/2 field was about the same size, because of all the other races going on, and was dominated by Todd Herriot, who lapped the field, I felt ok, but had to stop, as my crank was coming loose....for the 3rd time this week!!! Time to call the warranty dept at FSA!!

Next weekend should be good racing, as we have both the Senior and Masters state RR Champs.

Hasta la Pasta

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