Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Stories

I am sure everyone has a good snow story from yesterday's storm, let's hear about them.

I had taken the bus to work, and when I left Northcreek Park in Bothell it was a blizzard, I walked to get the Bus at the UW Bothell campus. The bus never came, I could probably have walked the 10 miles home, but I wouldn't have made it to work Today if I did that!
I walked back to get a hotel room, and spent the night in Bothell " for a weekend or a lifetime" isn't that their slogan?
I-405 was soooo amazing, cars for as far as you could see....and none of them moving. The Hotel/Gas Station area was surreal they never saw so many people there and probably never will again. People who abandoned efforts to drive 3 miles north after not moving for 2 1/2 hrs. Needless to say the hotel was full, and when I went to breakfast this morning there were people sleeping on the floor, under stairs and in the lounge area.

And we're supposed to get another dose on weds night thurs morning!!!

Oh yeah, my boss reimbursed my hotel room charge ; -)



.n. said...

Wow, good thing I only live a couple of miles from work...something tells me my employer wouldn't reimburse me

andrew said...

"For a DAY or a lifetime". They took that sign down a few years back (or it's gotten overgrown).