Monday, May 22, 2006


Ok, I've been slacking too. Well, we've done the Wenatchee Omnium and I even got BARR points in the mens 1/2. That's a sure sign of my sights being lowered, It's a major acheivement to even get BARR points in the 1/2s! I was 13th overall and 3 guys were not WSBA members, in the back door too.
I was rather upset though that I could not get up to Kenny on the climb in the RR to try to help him defend his lead, he's climbing well, but not well enough to keep the overall, he ended up 3rd, not too shabby.

I decided to do masters in Enumclaw, but was sorry to see only 20 riders in the combined A/B field. Once again Matt Hill smoked me in the TT, he's riding really well right now (I hope!) . The crit was something else, with 4 laps to go Matt flatted (no free laps after 5 to go) sorry Matt, let's not go crazy and give him a chance to catch back. I see him being put back in the pack next time around??? What's going on? He is now a lap down, so I'll have a good lead tomorrow, three to go, I can just take it easy and stay safe no prizes for the finish, disaster....I flat race over, both Matt and I are 2 mins down almost, maybe we can make it up in the RR??

Matt and I plan to just race hard, but nobody else is interested in racing, except Arnie Laiti and he rolls off after the climb, and some attacking from Dave Hecht,Matt and I. Nobody chases al the way down the highway, dang were not even pedalling!!!! Arnie later said he wasn't planning on making a big effort there, but when nobody went after him he decided to give it a go. He gave it a good go as we never caught him and he won overall, fair play. Behind everyone was content to watch Matt and Mick attack, counter attack and chase whomever went up the road. Matt finally gave up and hammered the whole last lap ( nobody even tried to help him!) on the front, I was not going to bring Arnie back for someone else to reap the win, Arnie deserved it for being willing to ride hard. Matt just pulled off at the bottom of the hill and I rode a good tempo until I saw it ws just Dave Hecht behind me, so I went for it. Dave let me get 2nd on the day, and he won the Masters B, way to go Dave, you're strong like Bull.

I ended up 6th overall, dissapointing, but I live to go to work this week without any hospital bills, and anticipate a really tough Mt Hood stage race in two weeks. Next Sunday is Ski to Sea in Bellingham for me, that's always fun. I've got a new team and we're, to quote my spouse, "Stoked"(different meaing, of course) about the race!

Slan, Mick

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P-Dog said...

cycling can be a cruel mistress. good luck at hood. - p-dog