Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm back!!!!

Yeah, I spend so much time reading everyone else's blog that I don't update my own!

Well, It's been a great summer, though I'm not ready for the season to be over and not spend 12 hours of the weekend in a Car! One more trip to Eugene next weekend, though.
First we have the Crystal Mtn Hill Climb, the last WSBA state championship, and the final BARR points available. I am top Ten in 1/2s so maybe I will get some points and hold that place, we'll see. I am after all OLD AS DIRT, so it's tough to keep up with thise young guys.
We also lead the team BAR, so it would be sweet to win that!
I am sorry to be missing the final Oregon Cup race down in Bend, as I'm sure I will drop from my current 3rd spot, hopefully only 2 guys will pass me and I can stay top 5.

Seward is on sunday, actually both races this weekend will have a BBQ after, so we can get a head start on stacking on the winter weight!! Though I must try to wait until after the Mt Baker hill climb on Sept 10th to really let go!! I will try not to top the 166 lbs I got to last year, with not riding for 6 weeks because of that darn Mono.

Maybe I'll post again in less than 6 weeks! If work is slow ;-)


P-Dog said...

i thought you were back, but now you are gone again.

Old as dirt said...

Too much reading your blog!!

McQ said...

Bizy man, Old as Dirt. Thought you might get a kick out of my Mount Baker Hill Climb story:

Keep on pedlin'
- McQ

Old as dirt said...

thanks mcq, I enjoy reading your newspaper colums.