Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday Ride

I did the First Rate Mortgage team ride today, they are so nice to let me ride with them even though I am no lomger on the Team. They are nice about it too, thanks guys.

We rode across I-90 to Newport Way-Issaquah (where Salmon Days made it crazy!) Issaquah-Hobart, Cedar Grove Rd and back the Cedar River trail to Renton and up the west side of the lake.

There are still some guys who need to back off the intensity for this time of year, it's ok to go hard up a hill of for a sprint, but you need to limit the intensity for a few months and recover, or build endurance if you have nothiing to recover from.

That said, it was a good ride, despite the fact that Stoked could only ride to Leschi and back, still suffering the effects of a lingering cold.

Tomorrow I get to ride with my only Seattle teammate!

I have been following what is looking like a very intense race at the Furnace Creek 508 between two time defending champion Michael Emde, from Spokane and Kevin McNulty from Ramona, California. After 253 miles only 1 minute seperated them!

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