Monday, September 08, 2008


Well my 24hr race was spent mostly sleeping!

I was feeling great most of the time, not going too hard, but not quite able to get enough fluids in, my legs were still good after I finished the big loop of 171 miles and I did the 2nd fastest night loop of all my first time around.
When I stopped to get drink and food at the end of the lap, I couldn't stand up and then couldn't steer the bike when I tried to ride on. I had, I think a combination of Heat Stroke and Dehydration, I believe. That was it after 10+ hrs and 184 miles for me, and I was ahead of record pace too, but not halfway through the race!

The hardest part is having to wait a whole year to try it again, yes I am a sick man, but I'm also determined to do this once, at least. Well at least try one more time!

Huge thanks to Brian Ecker for coming all the way to Maupin and providing great support for me. Also to George and Terri for putting on such great events, they really make you feel like you're special, wherever you are in the field.

Also Kudos to Stoked for an excellent 193 miles in the 12 hr, only 9 miles behind the overall winner and a new womens course record. She's looking for a partner for next year to break the mixed team record....any takers?



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