Saturday, February 09, 2008

A new concept!

Well, training has not been going too well, I haven't felt sick at all, even pretty good during the week, but the last 3 weekends I have been unable to ride, just sleep.
Today was my return to somewhat normality, I wasn't very fast, but I did get to put in a long ride with Stoked and Ed Harley. We went to Sultan, nice and steady,we even had reasonable weather. I suffered on Ed's wheel quite a bit, but at least I was out there. I know, once again, March and April will be Results free for me AGAIN this year, but I hopefully things will get better by May.

Let's see how I feel tomorrow! That will tell.

I am so looking forward to getting my new race bike built up, just waiting for the components. I think it will help my morale, and hopefully I'll reap the benefit of having ridden 28c tires all winter on my already heavy bike.

I saw my neighbours Marcroft rain bike tonight, it looks great.


Anonymous said...

with the power you have been putting out at the CU TTs , I would think results will come without even thinking..

Martin said...

Did I mention how great my race bike felt at the Frostbite TT...? Oh yes, dreamy! Now I need to get off of it again quick. Gonna try to stay on my rain bike until mid (?) March at least.

And hey, you did just fine at this race - way to go!