Saturday, December 22, 2007

No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!

Well today was one of those classic northwest winter days, rain and 38 degrees, let's hope we don't have too many more.
Due to the fact that I didn't ride yesterday, plus the several pounds of chocolate I must have eaten at work this week, nothing was gonna stop me riding (well ice or snow would) today.

Low and behold, others had the same idea, as we had 10 show up for our team ride, and the Byrne Invent guys, who were originally planning on doing Snoqualmie Falls (that wasn't gonna happen!) had a good turnout too.

It was a nice ride around the lake if, like Stoked and I, you had enough clothes to keep you warm. The fact that everyone was on their rain bikes, and the weather kept the pace more mellow than has been the past few weeks.

We did the CycleU TT on weds too, and I'm happy to report my time was back to my first effort, 15.11. My next one is Jan 9th, I think with all the holiday goodies Stoked has been making, my chances of breaking 15 mins are nil, maybe Jan 23rd?

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Argentius said...

Shoot, I picked the right day to ride! I got in 4 hours in the clear sun on Friday, then worked all day today. We'll see what tomorrow holds, though if the Strangelator shows, I might just turn 'round and ride my own mellow pace home!