Monday, June 18, 2007

Road Warrior

Ok ,so we're in our travelling to Oregon every week mode. I think I'll be doing 8 staright weeks driving south, while Stoked crochet's hats! ( no she does at least her fair share of driving too)

Went to Hood the first weekend in June, then to Rehersal RR the next week, where we raced Tandem. We managed to roll off the front on lap 2 of 3 and only one other Tandem came, several captains had raced the morning race too, so we had an advantage there. The bike that came with us seemed quite strong, and when I jammed our chain on the main climb I was wondering if we'd be able to catch them, but we did.

It seemed like they (Mike and Monica) were fading on the last lap, so I tried to go as hard as we could last time up the hill, hoping we could descend at a reasonable speed (not our strong point!) and have a gap for the last 3 miles of flat. We had a gap, but were almost afraid to look back, we did and both of us thought they were right there, so we kept the pressure on (30-32 mph on the flat road). Well seems like when they saw our gap they decided they weren't going to catch us and just rolled in for second place. I wish we'd have known, those last few miles were painful!

This past weekend we again drove down to the Hobson household on Saturday afternoon to race Mt Tabor on Sunday. I managed to do 2 races, but that was painful! I was not worth much in the 1/2 race after racing hard for 13 miles 2 hrs before?? I guess that's 'cause I'm "old as dirt"

I did manage to get 3rd place in the masters, also winning one of the 2 primes on offer, and being away solo for 3 laps? and getting caught with 1 1/2 to go.

Next up is Elkhorn, and I know of a couple of fast guys who'll be out to make up for not finishing in their usual top 3 placings, due to different circustances beyond their control... It's gonna be a battle from the get go.


Argentius said...

What, you're not going to post about your big win on the mountain?

That was some impressive stuff, old man...

Old as dirt said...

I'll get around to it......maybe
It did feel pretty cool in that last K of the climb, too bad It wasn't also for the I'm getting greedy!