Thursday, May 17, 2007


And don't say I poached ;-) Clint Chase or Matt Hill wouldn't like you then.

Yes, I won the Wenatchee Omnium for Masters A overall, plus the Malaga RR (I must add Kerry flatted 2nd time up the climb!)

Of course I'm coming down with a cold now! Might take a sick day tomorrow and try to recover.

Hey, I've been using wedges on my shoes to get more power from my pedal stroke, they work really well. They only cost $24.95 and I would suggest everyone try them out. I just feel like I'm getting more power in my pedal stroke, and you all know how screwed up my pedal stroke looks!!
Contact Paul Swift at , paul at bikefit dot com and tell him I sent you, you will be glad you did it.


stokediam said...

Does Paul have a shim for your saddle so you sit straight on the bike so I can see around your right side on the tandem?

Coach Curly said...