Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sad Trip Home

Well, these are the trips I never want to make to see my family. It also makes living so far away harder.
A brother of mine, I have 5, died suddenly last week, so I planned an emergency trip for his funeral, which was yesterday. It was nice to see many relatives I had not seen in a long time, but in unfortunate circumstances.
I am staying umtil sunday, so I did bring my bike. Not sure how much riding I'll get done. I did do my favorite 60 miler today, it was cold but sunny, like the weather we'd had in Seattle last week. I hope to get a group ride on Saturday,we'll see how the weather is, as there is snow in the forecast up north, so maybe 38 degrees and rain here, on my race bike??? A day of tea and biscuits might be in store, or a trip to the local horse racing track with another brother, gambling and drink beer.
I am pretty sure I will e in full view of the follow car at mason lake this year...again, I just hope it doesn't pass me until at least the last lap.

I think I must comment on the waving issue, when big groups meet, I declare yelling to be ok too.The thing is when it's only one on one that's when you should be sure to wave. We're all friends after all,so just give a little wave ; -)

Keep your stick on the ice!


McCoach McCurly said...

sorry for your loss OAD. I'm glad you're living life to the fullest by drinking, gambling, tea biscuit consuming and riding... that's the Coach Curly way... and that neck of the world could use a little Curly... I mean... McCurly.

stokediam said...


Curly O'Toole said...

Curly O'Toole

Argentius said...

yikes Mick, my condolences. Take care, we'll see you out there soon. We can wave at everyone.

Do you know who waved at me the other day?


Old as dirt said...

thanks guys apreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

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